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Drugs With Anticholinergic Potential and Risk of Falls With Hip Fracture in the Elderly Patients: A Case–Control Study" 


Background/Objective: To determine the association between the use of anticholinergic drugs and the risk of falls with hip fracture in a population older than 60 years. 

Methods: A case–control study in patients older than 60 years with a diagnosis of hip fracture. All drugs dispensed during the previous 30 days were identified. Sociodemographic, clinical, pharmacological (drugs according to the Anticholinergic Risk Scale [ARS]), and polypharmacy variables were analyzed. Measurements: Falls with hip fracture and type of drug according to the ARS. 

Results: A total of 300 patients with hip fracture and 600 controls were included. The mean age was 81.6+8.9 years, with female predominance (71.3%). The use of drugs with moderate (odds ratio [OR]: 1.97, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.19-3.27) or high ARS scores (OR: 1.83, 95% CI: 1.13-2.96) increased the probability of fracture. 

Conclusions: There was an association between the use of drugs with anticholinergic properties and the probability of hip fracture in elderly patients and it was possible to establish the level of risk."

Key words: anticholinergic agents, falls, hip fractures, frail elderly, inappropriate prescribing
alysis using Kaplan–Meier curves, from 1 January 

Línea de investigación: Farmacoepidemiología 

Autores: "Manuel E. Machado-Duque, MD1, Juan Pablo Castan˜o-Montoya, MD1,
Diego A. Medina-Morales, MD1, Alejandro Castro-Rodrı´guez, MD1,
Alexandra Gonza´lez-Montoya, MD1, and Jorge E. Machado-Alba, MD, PhD1" 

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"Machado-Duque ME, Castaño-Montoya JP, Medina-Morales DA, Castro-Rodríguez A,
González-Montoya A, Machado-Alba JE. Drugs With Anticholinergic Potential and
Risk of Falls With Hip Fracture in the Elderly Patients: A Case-Control Study. J
Geriatr Psychiatry Neurol. 2018 Mar;31(2):63-69" 

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